My small MUA Haul

Hi Beauties, 

The other day i went on a little spending spree of MUA products and i was really quite surprised everything i got only cost me £10. 

So the first thing that i went for is my favourite lip liner of all time in the colour Red Drama this is great for what i call a Hollywood Red lip, but i've also been wanting to try different coloured eyeliners other than black, and thats when i saw the next item, which is an eye liner pencil in the colour Turquoise and i have swatched both of those in the photo below and i love the fact that both have sharpeners in the lids.

Red Drama       Turquoise

I then looked at the Lipsticks as i want some brighter colours for spring/summer time, and thats when i saw this coral pink coloured lipstick it's in Shade 12 and it's quite shimmery but you can't really see that below and the i like the packaging aswell because you can see the colour better as it's shown at the bottom, i prefer that to the little sticker you get on the bottom usually.

Shade 12

The other thing i have been looking for is some eyeshadow palettes with brighter colours and i thought these were a Bargain at £4 each,  so i went for the Glitterball palette and the Poptastic palette and the colours are really pigmented to and I loved that it's got clear lid rather than a blocked lid so you can see the colours inside.

Poptastic Palette

Glitterball Palette
I hope you enjoyed reading this if you have any ideas of lipsticks for me to try for S/S then please let me know in the comments below.    

 Love & Hugs 


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