What's in my Bag?

Sunday 26th January.

Hi Everyone,

So i've seen a lot of these and decided that i would join in and do one aswell, i find these very interesting. So my bag is probably very different to a lot of girls my age because it's a 1950s style bag but i love it because it's vintage and i use it everyday. 

So let's get on with whats inside.

Although my bag looks fairly small as you can see it actually holds quite a bit i know they are missing from the picture but i also have my phone and Ipod.

I always carry my Lip liner in Red Drama which is by MUA Cosmetics , Lipstick in No.12 Valentine by Collection, Colour Drench Lipgloss No.6 by 2true Cosmetics and Mega Effects mascara in Blackest Black from Avon and a little hairbrush which i got in Boots just use it to smarten my hair up when if i'm out on gigs and got a bit windswept. 
My Gloves I love thses so much and they have a velvet feel to them i have them in purple to, my purse and a driving license holder although i don't drive it's great as it's small and holds photos, bus tickets and business cards.
My headphones as I'm always listening to my Ipod when i'm and about walking to collect my books or to do deliveries.
A pen and my house keys so not an awful lot but if you have any suggestions of what i should have in there aswell then please let me know. 

                                  Thanks for taking the time to read this  


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