MUA Lip Liner Product Review

Hi Everyone,

So today's post is going to be about my lip liner from MUA Cosmetics firstly again  i'm sorry about the picture quality, i use my ipod to take the pictures and the lighting in my house isn't great either.

I have tried quite a few liners but I have been using this product for about a year now and i love it, it's so easy to apply and i really like the idea of a sharpener being in the lid, as i seem to loose mine quite a lot.

I use the liner in Intense Colour Red Drama as i like to do the typical Hollywood style bold red lip, i find this liner has got great colour to it and gives my lipstick that extra colour boost aswell as give my lipstick something to hold on to, as i fill in the whole lip, it's very comfortable to wear, the only thing that i do find is it runs out very quickly as i use it every day, at the moment i am having a job to get hold of it in stores so if you do see it anywhere please give me a shout please as it's a must have my make-up kit.

                                      I know it's not a very long post but thanks for reading 


  1. we have to hunt these down online because MUA isn't stocked in Australian stores :( We'd love to see a swatch of this!

    1. Hi

      I know it's annoying isn't it, i'm having to go online now to, and will get that swatch sorted for you. :)


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